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Peddle Master: The Perfect Gift for The Physically – Challenged Driver

For the physically–challenged motorist, no need to fret or curse your handicap in the lower extremities that has seriously impaired your mobility. You can now lug along your very own Peddle Master portable hand controls for cars wherever you desire to travel on a vehicle with automatic transmission.

Indeed Peddle Master has freed you from your bondage to your homes.  It has given you almost total freedom and independence.

Where is it from?  Our brief research did not yield much.  On the positive side we found a regular American guy, Rick Judson, most probably middle-class, with a working wife and two or three small kids who still go to school.  Rick Judson was tied to his home or house-bound, or so he thought, brought about by the debilitating disease diagnosed by his doctors as multiple sclerosis.

But Rick Judson was still very able-bodied and quite totally strong save for the multiple sclerosis that paralyzed his lower limbs and totally limited his mobility.  He probably thought his handicap would not be a hindrance to his usefulness and productivity.  He would not be a burden to his wife and little kids.  He would not be housebound.  Fortunately, he has been driving cars and other motor vehicles.

When Rick Judson invented and launched Peddle Master portable hand controls for cars in 1993, he probably had three (3) things in mind.  He wanted:  1) to be of help, useful and productive to his family, 2) to help people with handicap in their lower extremities with convenient aides while driving and, 3) to regain his freedom and independence.   He has since turned the third ideas as the marketing motto for Peddle Master, Inc., and for so many good reasons.  

Since then, Peddle Master portable hand controls for cars has gained wide acceptance in many parts of the USA as aides for mobility.  Many users buy two as they are very affordable, easy to install and use, and easy to carry around.  The gadgets were invented as aides for driving of individuals with handicap in their lower limbs; extenders for the gadgets are no longer necessary.  There is no need for extenders, since extenders will only obstruct the smooth functioning of the gadget.   They can even be used in car rentals on cars with automatic transmission.  This instrument has been tested by two US universities, tested and approved by the Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) and found safe and to last a lifetime.

Peddle Master is protected under the United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent Number 5,765,442
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